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Archaeology in Education

Ermine Street Guard

Two members of the Ermine Street Guard visiting archaeological excavations at Prestatyn in 1984.

The Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust offers a number of educational services to schools in north-east and mid Wales.

We can offer professional advice on the use of archaeology subject matter (‘The Celts’, ‘The Romans’, ‘Life in the Past’, ‘Pottery Making’, etc.) as a teaching resource and on archaeology as a teaching medium (teamwork, co-ordination of physical and mental skills, language, discussion of evidence, etc.) within education and the National Curriculum (Wales).

Where schools are holding special curriculum events we will be happy to discuss participation. The form of the contribution is flexible but could include a class event with archaeological finds and illustrative material or a guided site visit with educational handout/worksheet.

Note that CPAT holds an extensive archive of aerial, and other, photographs of archaeological and historical sites, copies of which may be purchased at cost price for educational purposes.

The Historic Environment Record

The Historic Environment Record (HER) for Clwyd and Powys is compiled and maintained by the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust. It aims to provide a comprehensive catalogue of archaeological and historical sites and finds of all periods. The records are constantly up-dated and expanded as new information becomes available. The HER is held on computer databases and contains supplementary cartographic, documentary and photographic records.

The information held by the HER is directly relevant to areas of study within schools and institutions of higher education. The Trust welcomes enquiries from members of the public, teachers, students and researchers who require information relevant to their studies.

The Historic Environment Record is also accessible on-line via Archwilio.

Using the HER in the National Curriculum

To make HER data more accessible to schools a series of leaflets have been prepared on themes directly related to the National Curriculum (Key Stages 1 to 3). Each leaflet gives background information on the topic, details of relevant sites together with illustrations, suggestions for site visits and further reading. All of these leaflets are now available here on-line.

Short Guides to Archaeological Sites

CPAT has also produced a number of short guide leaflets for the use of teachers and others visiting sites in the Clwyd-Powys area. You are welcome to print these out and use them free of charge for educational purposes.

Teachers and students may also find it useful to ask for details of sites in their area. Should you wish to use this service please allow sufficient time for the preparation of an information sheet.

National Curriculum related leaflets

Short guides to local sites


For further information and advice please contact the Trust's Heritage Management Officer at this address.

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