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Administration Team

Mr Paul Belford, Director
Paul is the person who undertakes our management and administration, policy co-ordination, fund-raising and project management. He started with the Trust in 2013, after over twenty years working for a variety of organisations in the UK and elsewhere. Paul has a passion for delivering social benefits from all aspects of the archaeological process. His particular areas of interest and expertise include: historical and industrial archaeology, historic buildings, urban and industrial landscapes, colonialism, community archaeology and public heritage. Paul is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and a Member of the Institute for Archaeologists.

Mrs Clare Beaumont, Administrative Officer
Clare's role within the Trust is to ensure smooth day-to-day financial administration. She joined the Trust in 2014 having worked in businesses and schools for a number years. She has a personal interest in history and archaeology and loves real ale and walking in the hills, so fits right in here at CPAT.

Curatorial Team

Mr Chris Martin, Head of Curatorial Services - Regional Archaeologist
Chris is in overall charge of Curatorial Services in CPAT. He is responsible for the development and management of all aspects of the Historic Environment Record, Heritage Management and Planning Service (and repairing computers) - the equivalent of a County Archaeologist in England. Chris started with the Trust in 1980, has a BA (Hons) Degree in Archaeology (University of Wales, Cardiff), and declares an archaeological interest in anything "except the bloody Romans", as well as going home and sleeping. In his spare time he is not the lead singer with Coldplay, he has never met Gwyneth Paltrow and none of his children are named after fruit.

Mr Mark Walters, Development Control Archaeologist
Mark provides Planning Services, advising developers, local authorities and the public of the archaeological implications of planning proposals, preparing a "brief" for each project and monitoring the work of the archaeological contractors. Mark has been with us since January 1992, has a BA (Hons) Degree in Archaeology & Ancient History (University of Wales, Lampeter) and a Masters Degree in Industrial Heritage (Birmingham University - Ironbridge Institute) and is an Associate member of the Institute for Archaeologists. His interests include Astronomy and Astrophotography, Mining Archaeology & History, Archaeoastronomy, Archaeoacoustics, Conflict Archaeology (16th-18th c. Siege Warfare & Fortifications), Ancient History & Religions, Cycling, Science Fiction Films & Books, Photography, Music of all types but particularly Early, Experimental and Electronic. Mark writes and records electronic music from his home studio, has numerous releases with a number of record labels and performs in live events as the artist Savaran.

Mr Gary Duckers, Historic Environment Record Officer
Gary joined the Trust in Sept 2017 as Historic Environment Record Officer. Gary holds a BA in Archaeology (University of Chester) and a MA in Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Virtual Environments (University of Birmingham). He possesses a multi-disciplinary background, involving work across both commercial archaeology and academic sectors with an increasing focus on project management, landscape archaeology, GIS and surveying. Research interests include the archaeological applications of GIS and remote sensing technology, the role of cartography in heritage management and archaeological informatics. Gary is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society [FRGS], an Associate [ACIfA] of the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists and sits on the committee of the Information Management Special interest Group [IMSIG]. He is passionate about promoting both good data management standards and practice in addition to championing the recognition of IMSIG member’s specialist expertise within CIfA. Personal interests include guitar playing, science, hiking and running the occasional 10k and half marathon (largely to compensate for his passion for wine).

Ms Wendy Owen, Project Archaeologist/Development Control Assistant
Wendy assists in project work, surveying, deals with enquiries, and checks the planning lists against our computerised records. She started with the Trust in 1985, has a BA (Hons) in Archaeology (University of Wales, Cardiff). Her special interests include land surveying - especially site planning, excavation, finds study (whenever she can!), and gardening.

Ms Abi McCullough, Heritage Management Archaeologist
Abi joined the Trust in February 2001 to work on the Tir Gofal Agri-Environment Scheme, carrying out desktop and field surveys of farms entering the scheme. Abi holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Heritage Conservation (Archaeology) from Trinity College, Carmarthen. She has an interest in most aspects of archaeology especially landscape studies, historic buildings and archaeological outreach and education, and is a Leader with the Marches Young Archaeologists' Club. Abi also has the rather dubious honour of being the President of Newtown WI, where she indulges her craftiness.

Project Team

Mr Nigel Jones, Principal Archaeologist
Nigel's role is in project management, contracts management, undertaking EDM surveys, and directing excavations. Nigel started with the Trust in 1983, and his qualifications are a BA (Hons) in Geography (University of Sheffield), Certificate in Field Archaeology (University of Oxford). Nigel says his special interests are in EDM survey, medieval and Roman excavation, medieval pottery, metal mines and mountains.

Mr Richard Hankinson, Senior Project Archaeologist
Since joining the Trust in November 1987, Richard has been busy with all sorts of field and desk-based projects. His particular interests include: the uses of environmental archaeology in combination with excavation, the early medieval period in general, and upland archaeology. He no longer rides his bike, having taken to restoring old Triumph cars (MkIV Spit on the road, GT6 in progress and due to return to it in the spring of 2005), but does still jump down dark holes using bits of thick string.

Mr Ian Grant, Senior Project Archaeologist
Ian joined the Trust in April 2002, having worked extensively as a field archaeologist on a wide range of sites throughout Wales and northwest England. He began his career in archaeology on ‘his’ castle in Caergwrle in 1985, though still cites his father (Mike) as the inevitable career influence having spent many years with him recording WWII aircraft crash-sites in the uplands. Ian’s prime interests are the early medieval and prehistoric periods and the associated pottery. He enjoys working on community based projects, being involved directly with the public explaining and interpreting field-work. In his free-time he acts as Events Organiser for an Early Medieval Welsh re-enactment society, and sings and plays mandolin/guitar in a Celtic rock band (bookings taken…)

Miss Sophie Watson, Project Archaeologist
Sophie started with the Trust in April 2008 to work in Heritage Management and now undertakes project work. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Archaeology from the University of Wales Lampeter and is interested in all types of archaeology – but particularly Prehistoric and Industrial. Sophie is also a Leader with the Marches Young Archaeologists' Club. Her hobbies are cycling and baking cakes.

Research Associates

Mr Bill Britnell MBE, Research Associate
Bill is a Research Associate of CPAT. He started work with the Trust in 1975, becoming Director in 1986 until he retired in 2013 but is still actively involved in aspects of the Trust's work. He has a BA (Hons) and MA in Archaeology, both from the University of Wales, Cardiff. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries, and a Member of the Institute for Archaeologists. Bill's special archaeological interests are wide-ranging, but they are particularly in the later prehistoric and pre-industrial periods.

Mrs Jenny Britnell, Research Associate
Jenny started with the Trust as an archaeologist in 1978, and went on to become the administrative officer and archivist before retiring in 2015. She has a BA (Hons) in Archaeology (University of Wales, Cardiff), and professes a special interest in Roman and medieval archaeology. She is now happy to be spending more time digging in her role as Research Associate.

Dr Bob Silvester, Research Associate
Bob joined the Trust as Head of Field Services and Deputy Director in 1989, retiring in 2016. He is now a Research Associate of CPAT. He has a BA (Hons) in History and Archaeology and a PhD (both from the University of Exeter) and is a Member of the Institute for Archaeologists. Bob's special interests include medieval rural settlement, early maps - particularly estate maps, churches and church monuments, medieval and later land reclamation, and leaping around "doing" lots of upland fieldwork.

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