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Commercial Services

Since the early 1990s CPAT has built up a small Field Services section which focuses on funded projects and on contract archaeology. Much of this sort of work is still undertaken in its core area of east and north-east Wales, but increasingly it has been contracted to do work in north-west and south Wales and in the west Midlands. During this period its collective expertise has grown, and its core staff have been in place for a number of years. Where necessary the core staff are supplemented by additional temporary staff for specific projects. CPAT prides itself on the economic and efficient delivery of archaeological services for a range of developments from road construction and pipeline works to housing developments and windfarm schemes.

CPAT has developed considerable experience in undertaking all aspects of archaeological investigation, and the staff have developed a considerable wealth and range of expertise. The Trust is an Institute for Archaeologists (IFA) Registered Organisation, and is committed to maintaining the highest standards.

The Contracts and Field Services Section will be able to provide professional, impartial advice on a wide range of archaeological matters relating to the planning process. With nearly 20 years of experience, we are well aware of the client's needs and are bound to respect confidentiality when dealing with sensative developments.

Here are some of the services offered by the Field Services Section of the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust.

The Assessment of the Impact of Development on Historic Landscapes.

Assessments and Evaluations
As part of the planning process developers may be required to undertake an assessment of the potential impact a development on the archaeology, or an archaeological evaluation of an area.

Building Recording
Detailed measured survey and assessment of historic buildings

Desk-based Assessment
Historic maps, photographs and documents in a variety of record offices and repsoitories.

Large-scale excavations.

Historic and Urban Landscape Characterisation

Information Boards
Design and provision of professionally made information boards.

Photographic Survey
Detailed photographic surveys may be required, particularly for historic buildings.

Topographical Survey
Detailed digital topographical surveys.

Watching Briefs
Archaeological monitoring of topsoiling operations and other groundworks, building renovations etc.

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