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Historic and Urban Landscape Characterisation


The distinctive landscape of the Sennybridge Training area (SENTA). © CPAT 08-c-107

Since 1999, the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust has been involved in work examining the historic character of areas defined by the Register of Historic Landscapes in Wales. The process known as historic landscape characterisation (HLC) has been developed in Wales jointly by Cadw, the CCW and the Welsh Archaeological Trusts. It involves the identification of geographically definable and mappable areas of historic character, as determined by the range and distribution of surviving archaeological and historical features and the main types of historical land use patterns or historic 'themes' that have shaped the area. The key historic characteristics of the area are then identified along with recommendations for their positive management.

As well as undertaking a significant number of characterisation projects on behalf of Cadw, CPAT has also carried out a number of projects as commercial contracts, including work for British Waterways along the corridor of the Montgomery Canal and, more recently, the Sennybridge Training area, on behalf of Defence Estates.

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