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Archaeological assessments and evaluations are normally undertaken as part of the planning process, and may form the Cultural Heritage section of an Environmental Impact Assessment. An assessment is likely to comprise several stages of investigation, designed to identify the potential of the cultural heritage, and assist with the formulation of appropriate mitigation strategies. Depending on the nature and location of the proposed development, the assessment could include some or all of the following: desk-based study; field survey; geophysical survey; topographical survey; evaluation; reporting and mitigation.

right: A typical small-scale evaluation. © CPAT 2234-007

An archaeological evaluation will involve the excavation of a number of trial trenches with the objective of determining the presence, nature, significance and extent of any archaeological deposits. Evaluations are normally assumed to be essentially non-destructive, involving the minimum amount of excavation necessary to recover the necessary information.

below: Upland field survey. © CPAT 2289-001

Field survey

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