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Finding out more about hillforts and archaeology

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As well as enhancing people's appreciation of the site we are also hoping that in time become it will become the focus of a range of activities designed to raise awareness and understanding of archaeology and the history of the landscape in general. In addition to guided walks we are hoping that in due course it may be possible to provide training and work experience opportunities in a wide range of different skills for volunteers and students. Potential activities include the following.

Learning about the monument itself
Interpretation of the monument – how, when, and why it was built and what it would have been like to live there.

How the hillfort relates to other sites in the area
How the monument fits into the broader picture of Iron Age ‘Celtic’ society and economy.

How the site fits into the landscape
The place of the monument in its wider landscape. What we can tell about the site in its hilltop location. How we can find out more about the history of the landscape in which the monument lies.

Archaeological surveying and recording techniques
How to carry out different types of recording – such as topographical survey, ground and aerial photography and geophysical survey.

Archaeological excavation, sampling and recording
What it’s possible to learn from excavation. Techniques of excavation, sampling and recording. Producing project reports.

Monument management and conservation
Why it’s important to preserve and conserve monuments like this. How we go about managing sites. The effects of forestry plantation. How to manage land use change.

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